About Us

Rhythm Heights is a dynamic entity comprised of an event management division, a production house and an advertising arm.

Established in year 2000, the experience of our creative talent pool coupled with a strong background of the industry enable us to maximize clients’ needs.

With the impetus of new products, services and ideas streaming into the market, we believe that the potential is just abound to benefit our clients and we hope to hear from YOU soon! Get in touch with us via e-mail or telephone to have a view of the quality of our work or for a cost effective quote on your required services.

Have a Great Day!

Rhythm Heights’s success is built on…

Diligent work culture, creativity, energy and dedication in perfecting the quality of our service which is the secret in retaining our clients.


To be an integrated entertainment organization which is recognized globally as a creative, progressive and socially responsible enterprise.


1) To offer win-win propositions while being customer oriented
2) To provide services that are of high quality, effective and cost efficient
3) To venture with creativity, proactivity, enthusiasm and a solution-focused     approach
4) To ensure a favoured and ideal working environment for employees

Rhythm Heights’s strong values…

1) Integrity
2) Trustworthiness
3) Professionalism
4) Win-win
5) Excellence